Social Computing Lab

SoCom Lab focuses on uncovering and understanding nonlinear dynamics in complex systems in the real world, such as an event or information diffusion through online social media, infectious disease spread via domestic or international visitors and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer across diverse scholarly fields, based upon a wide spectrum of approaches in data and network science. Relevant topics include the followings but are not limited to:

Inferences of diffusion pathways in complex systems

Simulations of spatio-temporal data for real cases

Predictions of popularity dynamics in the real world

Convergence trends across heterogeneous populations


Graduate Students

Hyunkeun Oh (오현근)

MS Student

Dept of Business Administration

Seungyoung Joo (주승영)

MS Student

Dept of Big Data Analytics

Seokjoon Oh (오석준)

MS Student

Dept of Big Data Analytics


Sihu Ahn (안시후)

Current Position (2021)

Ikuo Takata (다카타 이쿠오)

Current Position (2021)

Chiaki Fukumitsu                  (후쿠미쓰 치아키)

Current Position (2022)

Shane Oh (오세인)

Current Position (2023)

Namhoon Cho (조남훈)

OPen Positions

If you would like to join the lab, please feel free to email me.